OIKON SI established

February 10, 2021 – We are happy to announce the establishment of OIKON SI, Institute for Sustainable Development Ltd. The company was founded in December 2020 by OIKON Ltd. – Institute of Applied Ecology from Croatia and Slovenian consulting company CEDARS. This synergy created a consulting company and an institute with an extremely wide range of services and specialties in the field of sustainable development, unique in the region.

The demands of the EU society today regarding any development plan, at the strategic level or at the level of individual intervention, are becoming increasingly complex. The detail and scope of work in the development of preparatory documentation, professional supervision, reporting at various levels require a broad professional platform that can deal with these requirements and provide competent and comprehensive consulting assistance to users. Recognizing this need, with our Slovenian business partner CEDARS, we decided to unite our competencies and expertise and establish a new company that can offer a comprehensive service not only in the field of ecology but also in sustainable development.

OIKON SI Ltd. provides specialized services in the field of sustainable development planning (strategies and management plans), economic and socio-economic professional areas (feasibility studies, economic analysis of interventions, etc.), various evaluations of EU programs and projects and international development assistance. In addition to the above, OIKON SI will also provide all services from the portfolio of the Croatian Oikon. OIKON SI will work to find answers that would support the successful implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal, and the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility. It will also actively assist and cooperate on Invest EU program issues.

Polona Čufer Klep, CEO of the newly established OIKON SI and the consulting company CEDARS from Slovenia, added: “OIKON has an incredible source of knowledge and competencies in the field of applied ecology, not only in Croatia but also in the region, while CEDARS has knowledge and experience in management consulting, financial consulting and IT transformations. By establishing a joint company, we have complementarity and the ability to achieve incredible synergies of our services. The market demands increasingly more complex and comprehensive services, and only through cooperation and sharing of capacity and knowledge can we accelerate our growth by offering a wider range of high-quality services.


Over the years, we have successfully cooperated with various Slovenian companies and experts and carefully monitored what and how they work and what problems they deal with. For a long time, I had the idea that the establishment of a company in Slovenia would be the right way for further development of this cooperation and more successful work and fulfilment of our mission. Nature and the environment know no national borders. Slovenia and Croatia are natural partners who share much in common. The establishment of OIKON SI represents the realization of a long-standing desire to build even better and wider services that we provide in the markets in which we operate,” explained Dalibor Hatić, CEO of Oikon Ltd. in Croatia.